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lottie animations.

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Built for Lottie from the ground up.

Create and edit animations, no plugins needed.

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For Developers

Edit illustrations and micro-interactions without needing to disturb a designer.

For Designers

Create lottie animations faster and more reliably than in After Effects.

For Managers

Easily give feedback on designs and test with users without waiting for integration.


No more errors

Say goodbye to After Effects errors, if your animation works in our editor it will work everywhere.

Let your creativity fly.


Go Further, Together

Collaborate on files together and break out of the After Effects silo. Keep designers, developers and product managers on the same page.

No more emailing or sharing files on G-Drive.

Interactive Animations

Do more, with less

Create runtime adjustable properties and data driven animations with a few clicks.

Ideal for light / dark mode and dynamic Lottie animations.

Integrate your existing workflow.


Import existing Lottie animations, or start from scratch. Use and edit assets from Lottie Files marketplace, After Effects, Illustrator, Figma and more.


Create once. Ship everywhere. We integrate with your deployment workflow so you can ensure your Lottie animations work live in your code environment.

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